Crime scene where woman was chopped up looked like a horror film: neighbor

The blood-spattered crime scene in Brooklyn where a young woman was chopped up with a meat cleaver and stuffed in two suitcases looked straight out of a horror film, a shocked neighbor told The Post. 

“When I noticed what was going on, I went down [to the apartment] to ask the detective, and he opened the door and it was like something in a movie, not something you see in real life,” neighbor Stephanie Harris, who was friends with the victim, told The Post Thursday of the grisly scene.

“Blood everywhere, pints of blood. It was nasty. You can imagine what happened to her, you know she fought for her life. There was blood splattered.”

The apparent remains of the 22-year-old victim, identified by relatives as Dasia Johnson, were found on Wednesday after two security guards conducted a wellness check at the apartment at the behest of a local nonprofit program for abused women.

Body Parts found in Brooklyn apartment.
Detectives and the medical examiner were at the scene after discovering dismembered body parts in multiple suitcases.
Paul Martinka
Authorities on the scene on Wednesday.
Authorities on the scene on Wednesday.
Paul Martinka
Stephanie Harris, left, and Tierra Banputten react to the horrific discovery.
Stephanie Harris (left) and Tierra Banputten react to the horrific discovery.
Gabriella Bass
The chopped-up body of a 22-year-old woman was found stuffed inside two suitcases in a Brooklyn apartment Wednesday.
The chopped-up body was found stuffed inside two suitcases in a Brooklyn apartment.

Johnson hadn’t been seen for a week and by Sunday, neighbors began smelling a foul odor on the floor where she lived. 

“First we thought it was the garbage chute, the super was like ‘No, I cleaned it,’ then for three days the smell, it just got worse,” said Harris. 

“Everybody on my floor started looking for a rat, for a mouse, that came into the pipes or whatever and he just died.”

When security guards showed up at the apartment, they were turned away by the Johnson’s apparent boyfriend, who fled before cops arrived. 

They later gained access to the unit and immediately saw “blood all over the place” and called police, NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig said Thursday. 

Neighbors said the tragic woman had long been violently abused by her boyfriend, who is considered a person of interest in the slaying and is the subject of a police manhunt. 

“She used to say that he used to slam her head in the house, like ‘Why you got people in our business,’ he used to break stuff in the house, she would say, ‘It’s not your money,’ [and he would say] ‘I don’t give a f-ck, you’re mine, so everything that belongs to you is mine,’” Harris recalled. 

She said neighbors frequently heard the man making the same chilling threat over and over again: “The only way you out is when your mother gonna bury you, b–ch.” 

“He always said it in the hallway, we always heard it,” Harris said. 

“And you felt it.”

Another neighbor, who declined to share their name, said they once saw blood coming from Johnson’s apartment. 

“I just came home from work, I get upstairs and I see an entire blood trail, lots and lots of blood, just trailing from her apartment to the front door. Downstairs they’re arguing, fighting,” the neighbor recalled. 

“Around a week or two ago, I heard commotion, a lot of fighting, and since then, nothing.”

Harris, who is a domestic violence survivor, recalled how terrified Johnson was. 

“He used to always come, we’d hear him banging on the door trying to get in. [Once] he locked her out of her own apartment. She leaves for a couple of weeks because she’s scared for her life,” Harris said. 

“She said a couple of weeks ago, ‘I’m tired of looking over my shoulder.’ She was going to work one day and she got in the cab and looked back because she’s so scared.”

The medical examiner has yet to determine if the remains belong to Johnson or the exact cause of death.

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