Adams opens probe into migrant mom’s suicide at NYC shelter

The city is investigating the apparent suicide of a migrant mom inside a Big Apple homeless shelter, Mayor Eric Adams said Tuesday — as new details emerged about her death. 

The mother of two — who was from Colombia and arrived in the city with her kids in May — was found dead by a staffer after hanging herself from a shower rod with an electrical cord at the Hollis Family Shelter in Queens. law-enforcement sources told The Post. 

Sources said the 32-year-old woman did not appear to leave a suicide note. She was found in a bathroom by the staffer around 2:30 p.m., sources said.

Mayor Eric Adams
Mayor Eric Adams demanded City Hall investigate the suicide of a Colombian migrant mother who committed suicide.
Robert Miller

Adams said the city is already probing the death.

“We always use investigations after death, no matter what happens, if it’s inside one of our facilities,” Adams said. “So, yes, we will [investigate], and we will release the outcome of that as long as we conform with the laws that are required.

“You know the laws are very sensitive around giving out information when it comes down to children and families,” the mayor said.

An older man and a person appearing to be a teenage boy pulled up to the shelter in a van Tuesday morning and went inside, with the guy saying before they entered that he had known the woman from when she lived in Colombia. He did not identify the apparent teen with him.

Hollis Family shelter, in Jamica, Queens.
The mother from Colombia was found dead at the Hollis Family Shelter in Jamaica, Queens.
Matthew McDermott
Police officers wait for busses bringing migrants at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan, Monday, Sept. 19, 2022.
NYPD officers wait for migrant buses arriving at the Port Authority Bus Terminal on Sept. 19, 2022.
Robert Mecea
NYPD officers wait for migrant busses arriving at the Port Authority Bus Terminal on Sept. 19, 2022.
The Colombian migrant arrived in the Big Apple with her two children this past May.
Robert Mecea

The man said he was not related to the dead woman but had lived on the same block as her in Colombia. He said her son would likely be staying with a family friend now. He did not address the woman’s 7-year-old daughter.

Authorities said the woman had been staying at the shelter with her kids, after her husband got separated from the family at the border and repeatedly failed to make it to the US to reunite with them in New York City.

“These children are in the hands of the proper care that they need,” Adams said Tuesday. “And when we’re just really not allowed to give out that type of information.”

Migrants are seen getting off the bus at the Port Authority Bus Terminal
Mayor Eric Adams argued he does not have the authority to discuss details about the Colombian who committed suicide.
Robert Mecea

If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts or are experiencing a mental health crisis and live in New York City, you can call 1-888-NYC-WELL for free and confidential crisis counseling. If you live outside the five boroughs, you can dial the 24/7 National Suicide Prevention hotline at 988 or go to

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